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24th May 2012The best fest is a west fest: Tall ships and towering sopranos…Whitehaven Festival has something for everyone this year

Ever since world-class mezzo-soprano Katherine Jenkins confirmed her performance at the Whitehaven Festival 2012, I’ve been eagerly waiting to hear what else the festival has lined up for audiences this year.

20th May 2012World-record kite flying on the Western Lake District coast!

Kite flying, Haverigg

I’ve never been an enormous fan of kite flying. When I was a little girl, there was something about high winds that made me go a tad skittish – like a crazy horse. So after several years of politely accepting kiddy kites as gifts but never actually using them, I gave up and left kite flying to juvenile boyfriends and competitive dads. Or so I ignorantly assumed.

18th May 2012All is not as it seems at Wellington Farm, just outside Cockermouth

I’d been looking for an excuse to visit Wellington Farm for ages. It’s a dairy farm with a difference, stunningly located with gorgeous views and home to a fine herd of pedigree jersey cows. If you think like I do, the tinkle of an ice-cream van is probably ringing in your ears.

4th May 2012The Western Lake District: Where on earth do I start?

There is no right answer to this question. I thought long and hard and then decided to kick-start this blog the way I would anything else worth writing – with a decent cup of coffee.

1st May 2012Whisky and a wild escape at the foot of Black Combe

Mountains are humbling, but strangely motivating.“The experienced mountain climber is not intimidated by a mountain; he is inspired by it. The persistent winner is not discouraged by a problem; he is challenged by it.”

28th April 2012The undiscovered lakes: Crummock Water

There are a few unwritten rules that come with living in the Western Lake District – in any of the Lake District in fact. Check the weather forecast, never climb on dry stone walls, always serve locals first (just kidding) and drop everything to get outdoors on a spectacular day.

20th April 2012“Walk where sheep outnumber people”

We might not all be hardened fell-walkers, but it’s nice to feel like one from time to time. Let’s face it; a pub lunch and a pint taste so much better after a burst of fresh air somewhere well away from the crowds.


Whitehaven - the perfect day out
Millom & Black Combe

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